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Right of withdrawal

Elaglam purchases on the site are subject to the discipline of Legislative Decree no. 206/05, above on distance contracts, where the delivery of goods to occur at the residence of the purchaser, as such purchases are processing outside from business premises. Community legislation more commonly known as Return Policy, expected that this right be exercised only by individuals (consumers) acting for purposes that are unrelated to his business. The right of withdrawal, therefore, can not be exercised by legal persons and natural persons acting for purposes related to a business.

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal also purchases made by retailers or by persons in whatever capacity they purchase for resale to third parties. What is: the consumer has the right to cancel the contract within 10 days of receiving the goods, returning the asset to which the cancellation to the seller, who will reimburse the price of goods returned. The right of withdrawal does not apply to products delivered sealed, which were opened by the consumer.

To exercise this right you need the following documents and data:

  • the original invoice (indicating the number of orders, invoices, customer code)
  • in the case of partial withdrawal, in addition to the invoice, the item code / s of products
  • bank on which to obtain the transfer (CIN - ABI - CAB - Current account consists of 12 alphanumeric characters of the invoice)

The procedure is as follows: The communication that expresses the will of withdrawal may be anticipated even by fax, telegram, telex and email, if confirmed by registered mail within 48 hours. Notification must be sent by Registered mail within 10 days. working days from receipt of goods. The registered letter will be sent to: 

Namiti Srl
Corso Italia 192, 80063 Piano di Sorrento 
Tel: +39 081 8087452       
Fax: +39 081 5323636 - Italy 

The Recommendation should be containing the statement of intent to exercise the right of withdrawal, indicating all the data cited above (order of invoice and customer number, item number of products to be subject to withdrawal, bank details). How is the shipping Status: After activating the practice of withdrawal is necessary to include the original envelope containing the goods in a separate package, so as to protect the original covers of the products from any damage, whether written or alteration. Elaglam reserves the right to refuse the goods received concerning non-compliance of the above instructions.

The merchandise must be shipped at their own expense within a maximum time of 20 days of receipt at the following address:

Namiti Srl,Corso Italia 192, 80063 Piano di Sorrento, Italy, as soon as possible and within 30 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal, they will be credited to the amounts paid to the Consumer. The only expenses paid by the client are those related to returning the product. 
Will be sent simultaneously to the product chosen.


For shipments that may arrive damaged the purchaser is provided, upon notification of the incident, a shipment free replacement. For any clarification or any claim can be contacted at the number+39 081 808 7452 or via email at to Friday from 09.30 to 13.00 and to 15.00 to 19.00)